Common Medical Concerns: KittensAre you thinking about getting a kitten? Many people find that bringing a kitten home dramatically enriches their family life. There’s always someone around to cuddle and play with – and kittens are simply so adorable, they’re fun to just look at! 

If you’re going to bring home your kitten soon, you probably have so much on your mind. Questions like: 

  • How can I make my new kitten feel comfortable in their new home?
  • Will my new kitten like every member of my family?
  • How should I get my home ready for the kitten? How do I need to prepare?
  • And many more. 

You probably have many medically-related questions as well.

Don’t worry – that’s what we’re here for! Here at Pet Medical Center, our doctors and staff are always willing to listen and respond to your questions about kittens and puppies, as well as cats and dogs. That’s why we began this blog series – to discuss and answer many of the most common questions we receive here at Pet Medical Center. We hope you find this blog series informative and helpful! The first blog answered common medical questions about puppies – you can find that here. This next blog focuses on common medical concerns about kittens. 

If you’re getting ready to welcome a kitten to your home, please read on! 

Are vaccines for kittens important? When do first vaccines need to be given?

Every kitten should be immunized – not just because many laws require them to be – but also because vaccinations protect kittens from many serious, and totally preventable, diseases. Your kitten’s first round of vaccinations should be given at about eight weeks of age. That’s because right around that time, the immunity the kitten received from its mother starts to gradually wear off. 

What diseases should I be aware of when bringing home my new kitten?

There are two categories of diseases that you should be aware of when it comes to caring for your new kitten. One is parasites and the other is infectious diseases. Parasites include worms, fleas, coccidian, Giardia, etc. Infectious diseases include distemper, feline leukemia, and many more. We recommend that you bring your kitten to Pet Medical Center as soon as possible after their adoption so our doctors can conduct a thorough examination and answer any questions you may have about your kitten’s health. Kittens are more fragile than they may seem, so it’s important that you schedule appointments at Pet Medical Center regularly and come for emergency care anytime you notice a problem arising. 

What should I do if my kitten develops respiratory problems?

Respiratory problems are very common in kittens, especially in those who come from shelters, because they’re highly contagious. Kittens have relatively weak immune systems and can easily contract this and other infections diseases. Not to worry, though – respiratory problems are very treatable. If you notice that your kitten is having trouble breathing, don’t hesitate to bring them to Pet Medical Center. We have highly responsible and well-trained doctors who will do everything in their power to bring your kitten back to optimal health. 

Schedule your kitten’s next appointment at Pet Medical Center by calling (951) 676-3531 today. Pet Medical Center – where your pet is part of our family!

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