Both types of food can give dogs the nutrition they need

Dry Dog Food or Wet Dog Food?One of the most common questions dog owners have is what kind of dog food is best for their pet. And typically before you can even get started on how to choose the best brand of pet food, you need to make a decision: wet food or dry food? Both types of food have their pros and cons, and ultimately the decision will probably come down to your pet’s preference. So beware of introducing wet dog food unless you’re really willing to supply it every day for the rest of your dog’s life—some dogs love the taste of wet food so much that they will essentially go on a hunger strike to get more of it, turning up their noses at their dried kibble until their masters relent and give them the good stuff. Here are some additional things to consider when deciding between wet and dry dog food for your pet.


Both wet and dry dog food can provide the necessary nutrition for your pet, assuming of course that you choose a quality brand that is appropriate for the age and health of your pet. However, wet dog food does tend to contain more meat protein and fats and less carbs than dry dog food. And because wet dog food comes in an air-tight package, it doesn’t need to contain synthetic preservatives like dry dog food does.

Dental Health

Many veterinarians recommend dry dog food because crunching up the dry kibble helps to clean teeth and promote better dental health. While this may be true to a certain extent, dry dog food isn’t a valid substitute for professional dental cleanings at the vet. Regardless of whether you feed wet or dry food, you will need to take special measures to care for your dog’s teeth. If you have an older dog that already has dental problems, you may need to feed wet food because dry food would be too difficult or painful to chew.

Weight Control

Wet dog food is sometimes helpful for dogs that need to lose weight. The additional moisture content present in wet food means that they can eat a larger volume of food without exceeding their caloric requirements and feel fuller than they would after eating dry food.


Wet dog food does tend to cost more than dry dog food, which can be bought in bulk at a discounted price.


Many dog owners find dry dog food more convenient than wet food. Because it doesn’t require any refrigeration, it can be left out in the bowl for free feeding without concern about spoilage.

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