Consider the vet, the staff, and the facility when choosing a veterinary hospital in Temecula CA

If you’re looking for a veterinarian to take care of your beloved pets, you should definitely consider a veterinary hospital. Veterinary hospitals have caring staff just like a small vet’s office, but they are able to offer a more comprehensive range of care. Here are some tips for choosing the best veterinary hospital in Temecula CA.

Expert Veterinarians

A veterinary hospital typically has multiple veterinarians on staff. Since you might end up seeing any of the vets in an emergency or if your regular vet goes on leave, it’s a good idea to meet all the veterinarians on staff and look into their backgrounds. Make sure they are all qualified and find out if any of them hold board certifications in special practice areas.

Caring Staff

You’ll interact with lots of people besides the veterinarian on every visit to a veterinary hospital in Temecula CA. From the receptionist or office manager who books your appointment, welcomes you to the waiting room, and handles your billing to the vet techs who keep your pet comfortable during an exam to the kennel assistants that will care for your pet pre or post surgery, there are lots of staff members to meet and evaluate. The best veterinary hospitals have lots of long term staff members who love their jobs and your pets.

Complete Range of Services

One of the benefits of choosing a veterinary hospital in Temecula CA rather than a small vet’s office is that a broader range of services and treatments will be available. You’ll be able to get the routine care your pet needs, like exams and vaccinations, as well as a wide variety of diagnostic tests and special treatments including surgeries, dental care, and even behavior counseling.

On-Site Pharmacy

You should definitely choose a veterinary hospital in Temecula CA that has its own pharmacy, as this will help ensure that you can get the high-quality medicines your pet needs as soon as they are prescribed. Ordering medications online or from a catalog doesn’t provide the same convenience or protection for your pet, as medications that are not received from a trusted source may be expired, overheated, or otherwise compromised.

Clean & Comfortable Facility

Finally, be sure that you and your pet feel comfortable visiting the veterinary hospital you choose. The facility should look and smell clean, and ideally it will have separate waiting areas for dogs and cats to reduce stress on the animals. One good indicator of a clean facility is membership in the American Animal Hospital Association. AAHA membership means that a veterinary hospital has voluntarily pursued and met AAHA’s standards in the areas of facility, equipment and quality care.

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