Five factors to consider when choosing a facility for pet boarding

Pet boarding facilities run the gamut from basic jail-like cells to luxurious “pet hotels.” If you need to put your beloved pets into a kennel for a single night or for a long-term stay, obviously you want to make sure you choose the best possible pet boarding facility. Here are 5 tips to help you in your search for the best pet boarding.

Visit the Facility First

Visiting the pet boarding facility before you commit to a stay is highly recommended. During your visit, you will be able to view the areas where your pet will be kept. Pay close attention to the amount of space your pet will have to move around, as well as the lighting, ventilation, temperature, and cleanliness of the facility. For dogs, check that they either have an outdoor run with protection from the elements or else a schedule for outdoor exercise. For cats, make sure that the food bowls can be placed far enough from the litter box. All pets should have beds that are raised up off of concrete floors.

Check Health & Safety Provisions

Many states require pet boarding facilities to pass regular inspections and earn a license or certificate. These will usually be displayed at the facility. You will also want to ask if all pets are required to have their vaccinations, as this provision helps prevent all pets from communicable diseases. Finally, ask if you can bring your own food for your pet as this will help avoid stomach upsets.

Meet the Staff

Often, meeting the staff will help you get a better idea of what kind of experience your pet will have at the kennel. You want to meet the people who will actually be feeding, exercising, and cleaning up after your pet, not just the front office manager.

Ask About Playtime

Pets can get lonely away from their owners! Many pet boarding facilities offer playtime so your pet can interact with someone and so that dogs can run around outside. Be sure to find out exactly what playtime includes so you know what you’re paying for, as these sessions may cost extra.

Consider Boarding at a Vet Clinic

Boarding your pet at a vet clinic can be a really good idea, especially for pets that are older or have health issues that require medication. With a vet clinic looking after your pet, you’ll know that a qualified profession is keeping a close eye on their health, and that if an emergency should occur expert treatment will be readily available.

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