We treat your pets like part of our family by providing superior veterinary care

At Pet Medical Center, we know that your pets are much more than mere animals—they’re valued members of the family. Our animal-loving staff strives to treat them as such, not only making sure pets receive the care they need but also helping them to feel safe and comfortable in our clinic. We demonstrate our commitment to excellence through the following services for cats and dogs.

Quality Care

Pet Medical Center is dedicated to providing excellent medical care for you pets in a friendly and supportive environment. We have two veterinarians on staff, Dr. Isabelle Bach (owner), and Dr. Julia Howland, both of whom can assist with anything your pet might need at any stage of life.

Our quality care begins with preventative visits, including comprehensive physicals, vaccinations, flea control, de-worming, dental care, and disease prevention. If your pet has a medical issue, we can bring the power of our extensive in-house diagnostic tools to bear on the situation, using radiology, blood analysis, urinalysis, and other lab tests to identify the problem and create a plan for addressing it through medication and/or surgery. Dr. Bach has extensive experience in veterinary surgery so your pet will be in good hands at Pet Medical Center.

Extensive & Convenient Pharmacy

As part of our commitment to excellence in veterinary care, Pet Medical Center stocks and dispenses a huge variety of medications for dogs and cats. We even have an online prescription refill request form, enabling you to quickly and easily reorder your pet’s meds and then pick them up at your convenience.

Expert Advice

You can rely on the expert vets at Pet Medical Center to answer all your questions about the health and behavior of your dogs and cats. We help keep pets healthy & happy so they experience fewer veterinary issues. For example, we can help you choose the right food for your pet’s age and activity level to make sure they get all the necessary nutrients and maintain a healthy weight.

Cost-Saving Wellness Plans

Our special wellness plans for puppies and kittens and for adult dogs and cats offer you the opportunity to save hundreds of dollars per year on veterinary care. You’ll receive a discount on the regularly scheduled physical exams, vaccinations, and medications your pet needs each year, and you’ll also enjoy peace of mind knowing that your pet is receiving all necessary veterinary services.

Call Us Today

Pet Medical Center is eager to prove our commitment to excellence to you and your pet. Please call us today to set up your appointment. If you have an emergency, we will give you priority even if you’re unable to call in advance.

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