Titan and Sampson

The weekend of May 12th  Robb and I were walking through the mall and Robb always makes it a point to stop in the Pet Store to check out all their animals.  I happened to come a across a baby Chug and thought he was the cutest thing ever.  However, I didn’t think he was $1,600 cute lol.  When we got home Robb went online looking for Chugs and came across a Craiglist posting for 8 Chugs (2 females and 8 males).  On Monday, March 14th we went to go see them and only the boys were left.  I immediately was attracted to the lightest colored one because he looked exactly like the one we had seen in the

mall.  So that afternoon we brought home 8 week old Titan. We went to go see the Circus Du Soleil show on Wednesday which was Titan’s first night by himself and we felt bad leaving him all alone. So by the end of the week Titan’s brother, Sampson was added to our family.  Shortly thereafter (1 1/2 weeks later to be exact) Robb secured a contracting job overseas.  So it has been just me and the boys. Titan and Sampson enjoy hanging out in the backyard, laying out in the grass, chasing eachother or fighting like they are in a UFC fighing ring lol.  As much as they enjoy each others company don’t be fooled by their cuteness.  They fight over their chew toys, rawhides, chew sticks and hide them from eachother.    They are currently just a little over 3 months old and they have learn to sit and go to their beds for their treats.  They are also on their way to being potty trained and just recently leash trained.  I am anxiously awaiting their final shots in August so we can go on walks and I can start taking them to places with me to show them off!!  It will be neat to watch them grow and see all their changes between now and when Robb returns next June :)

- Written by Debbie, Titan and Sampson’s owner


On May 15th I met Titan! He had come in for his first visit at 8 weeks old and he brightened my day just by being carried through the door. He had such a cool little personality and so darn cute! . After Titan was done receiving his first set of vaccines, I asked one of the technicians how he did and even she was amazed at how easy going he was throughout the entire visit. Although I enjoy all the wonderful patients we have at Pet Medical Center, for some reason I kept thinking of Titan that day and it made me smile.

For a moment I was concerned to see him (or what I thought was him ) being carried back in by his dad ( Robb ) only six days later. To my surprise- Titan had a brother in his litter and Robb decided to go back to where he got Titan and get him too. His name is Sampson and sure enough he was just as breath-taking to me as his brother was. Robb, who is retired military, had joked when he came in that second time with ANOTHER new addition, that his wife, Debbie was probably going to kill him for adopting not one…but TWO rambunctious 9-week-old puppies for her to deal with by herself right before he headed overseas for a year for work.

To watch them walk in now every few weeks with their mom, showing off new manners and tricks they have learned since their last visit, still brings that same smile to my face. My hat is off to Deb for having two very well-behaved little boys and being to take on the whole ” puppy thing ” while solo for the time being. I’m glad I have the opportunity to continue to watch them learn and grow.

- Written by Kaylan, Receptionist

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