Animal Hospital in Murrieta CA

Get comprehensive care for dogs and cats at our animal hospital in Murrieta CA

When your pet is sick and needs special care, the last thing you want to be doing is rushing around trying to find the right veterinarian for the job. This won’t happen when you choose Pet Medical Center as your veterinarian–you can always come straight to us. We are much more than just a vet–we are a full-fledged animal hospital in Murrieta CA with the highly trained staff and state of the art facilities needed to provide routine and specialty care for your pet.

Core Services of Our Animal Hospital in Murrieta CA

No matter what type of care your dog or cat might need, we can provide it at our animal hospital in Murrieta CA. We offer:

Preventative Care: The preventative care we provide at our animal hospital in Murrieta CA helps keep your pet healthy and also provides us an opportunity to examine your pet often and discover any problems early on. Preventative care includes:

  • Physicals
  • Vaccinations
  • Parasite control
  • Prescription diets
  • Ear cleaning
  • Dental care

Diagnosis & Treatment: If your pet is ill or injured, come to our animal hospital in Murrieta CA. Because we have extensive diagnostic equipment, we have many options at our fingertips for quickly diagnosing your pet’s condition and monitoring their progress. We can provide top-quality prescription medications and refills through our online pharmacy.

Surgery: Pet Medical Center provides safe and hygienic facility for surgery as well as pre-op and post-op care. Our skilled veterinary surgeons can handle anything from routine spaying and neutering to various soft tissue surgeries. During a surgery, we use injected or gas anesthesia and constantly monitor your pet to make sure they are doing well. We also provide medications through our pharmacy for the recovery period.

Emergency Care: Regardless of whether or not you are already a client, you can bring your pet to us and receive expert assistance from a caring and experienced veterinarian. Whether your pet has been injured in an accident or is displaying alarming symptoms, we are here to help.

Make Your Pet’s Appointment Today

If you’re ready to make Pet Medical Center your pet’s regular veterinarian, or if you are in need of the type of specialty care best provided by a quality animal hospital in Murrieta CA, please contact us at (951) 676-3531 now.

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