Veterinarian in Murrieta CA

You can trust Pet Medical Center to provide superior care as your veterinarian in Murrieta CA

At Pet Medical Center, we strive to provide top-quality care for dogs and cats. We pay special attention to preventative care that will help your pets lead long and healthy lives, but we are also able to provide expert medical treatment and even surgery for ailing pets. Here are the core services we can provide as your pet’s veterinarian in Murrieta CA.

  • Complete veterinary exams
  • Vaccinations
  • Blood work, lab tests, x-rays
  • Prescription medications
  • Surgery with gas or injectable anesthesia
  • Euthanasia and cremation
  • Pet dental care
  • Pet boarding

The Only Veterinarian in Murrieta CA You’ll Ever Need

One of the benefits of choosing Pet Medical Center for your pet’s veterinarian in Murrieta CA is that we provide such a comprehensive range of care that you may never need to see another vet, ever! Starting with physical exams and inoculations for puppies and kittens and continuing with services for adult and senior pets, we can provide just about every service your pet might need. We can treat a wide range of conditions and ailments because we have extensive in-house lab testing resources as well as expert vets on staff.

The more you bring your pet to us, the more comfortable they will feel. So if you have an emergency, you’ll be able to bring your pet to a familiar place.

About Our Veterinarians

Pet Medical Center is staffed by two expert veterinarians in Murrieta CA, Dr. Isabelle Bach and Dr. Angela Corso. Both veterinarians take pride in creating a friendly, compassionate environment where owners and pets can feel comfortable, and they possess all the necessary skills and expertise required to provide superior care for your beloved pet. Drs. Bach and Corso will make sure you understand the risks and challenges facing your pet and have sufficient information to make a decision about their care.

Emergency Care is Available

Finding a veterinarian in Murrieta CA in an emergency can be challenging–but not when you turn to us. Pet Medical Center welcomes any pet owner to come to us for emergency treatment, even if they are not a regular patient. We will make your pet’s care a priority, quickly having a vet examine them, recommend the necessary tests and/or treatments, and provide you with an estimate for the care.

Call Now to Make Your Appointment

Pet Medical Center is welcoming new patients. Please call (951) 676-3531 today to make an appointment with your new favorite veterinarian in Murrieta CA.

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