Veterinary Hospital in Winchester CA

Enjoy expert care when you make Pet Medical Center your veterinary hospital in Winchester CA

Pet Medical Center is an excellent choice of care provider for your beloved dog or cat. As a full service veterinary hospital in Winchester CA, we are ideally positioned to provide expert care for your pet regardless of its age or condition. Here is an overview of the services we can provide for your pet:

  • Vaccinations
  • Preventative care
  • Dental care
  • Diagnostics
  • Surgery
  • Pain management

Why Choose a Veterinary Hospital in Winchester CA as Your Primary Vet

When you have a relationship with a veterinary hospital to start with, it ensures that there won’t be a delay in care or a stressful transition to a new vet should your pet develop a serious ailment requiring surgery or other specialized care. Instead your pet can get:

Detailed Diagnostics: As a veterinary hospital in Winchester CA, we have access to diagnostic testing tools and equipment that a vet working as a general practitioner typically does not have. For example, we can do in-house radiology, blood analysis, urinalysis, and other lab tests that help us diagnose your pet’s ailments quickly and accurately.

Expert Surgeries: As your veterinary hospital in Winchester CA, Pet Medical Center can provide most of the surgeries that may be required for your pet’s well-being. For example, we can provide elective surgeries like spaying, neutering, tail docking, declawing, and dewclaw removal, as well as soft tissue surgeries that may be needed to treat health conditions. Our expert staff will make sure your pet is properly anesthetized using gas or injections and monitor them closely throughout the procedure for safety.

Fast Emergency Care: Visiting a new vet is often stressful for owners and pets alike. It is particularly upsetting to have to do this in an emergency. With Pet Medical Center as your primary vet, you can enjoy fast and effective emergency care from professionals you already know and trust.

Quality Medications: Sourcing quality medications for your pet isn’t as simple as you might think. Some online retailers have been known to sell products that are expired or have been exposed to adverse light or temperature conditions. These medications can be dangerous. Why risk it when you can get medications from the pharmacy at your trusted local veterinary hospital in Winchester CA? We require an initial visit with a veterinarian for your first prescription but after that our convenient online reordering form can be used for refills.

Make Your Appointment Today

If your pet is in need of routine veterinary care, please contact us at (951) 676-3531 now. Or, if this is an emergency, just bring your pet to our veterinary hospital in Winchester CA any time during business hours.

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