Wellness Plans

At Pet Medical Center we are committed to the ongoing care of your pets.  We believe that your pets require more than just an initial appointment, and we offer a variety of wellness plans for adult pets as well as for puppies & kittens.  This is because we know that pets require different kinds of care at different stages of their lives.  Our annual packaged plans include services that are recommended for the well being of your pet.


Adult Wellness Plans – for animals over 6 months of age

Wellness plans are divided into three levels that are cumulative.  For instance, when you purchase a Level IV plan, you also receive all of the services included in both the Level III and Level II plans.  Our pricing sheet shows the services that are included and the package prices.  It also shows what you would have paid if you purchased the same services individually and what your annual savings could be. Download our pricing sheet here to learn more about our plans.

Puppies & Kittens Wellness Plans – for animals six months old or younger

Our Wellness Plan pricing sheet describes the services included in each of the plans so that you know exactly what you are getting and how much it will cost, as well as how much you can save by purchasing these services as a package. Download our pricing sheet here to learn more about our plans.

All free scheduled office visits are only valid at Pet Medical Center.  Our Wellness Plans are not insurance plans but are packages that provide you with discounted veterinary services over the cost of these services purchased on an individual basis.  All plans include a 5% discount on products and services, excluding diets.  If your pet becomes injured or ill, the diagnoses, treatment, hospitalization if necessary, and medications are billed at regular hospital prices, but if you have a Wellness Plan, your 5% discount applies.

Purchase a Wellness Plan

Start saving money today by contacting Pet Medical Center to purchase a veterinary wellness plan for your pet or pets.


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